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Survivor Stories

Dawn’s Story

Dawn knew something was wrong when swallowing became so painful that she was surviving on only liquids. She wanted to be there for her grandchildren, and decided to talk to her doctor. She was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and had her entire esophagus removed. Now her quality of life is significantly better and she has more time to spend with her family.

Terry’s Story

Terry felt great. He was sleeping well and had the energy of a younger man. He battled heartburn and frequently took antacids, but thought nothing of it. His esophageal cancer diagnosis caught him completely off guard. Now he’s an advocate for friends and family; encouraging them to listen to their bodies and get an esophageal scope if they are experiencing any discomfort.

Joe’s Story

Joe was only 29 when he started feeling weak and dizzy at work. An esophageal cancer diagnosis was not part of Joe’s life plan. But when Joe realized the difference between a stage 1 and a stage 4 diagnosis, he was grateful his doctor had caught the cancer early. Now he’s back at work and feeling like himself.

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