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Are you concerned about a patient having these symptoms?


Trouble Swallowing


Daily Heartburn


Unexplained Weight Loss

These could be early signs
of esophageal cancer.

Refer your patient to UHN’s Esophageal Disease Rapid Assessment and Management Program (ESORAMP) in two easy steps:

* Your patient will be booked an appointment with the ESORAMP team for further investigation, testing and diagnosis.

Step 1
Complete the Rapid Assessment and Management Form
Click Here
Step 2
Fax the form to ESORAMP via Gita Singh at
416 340 3776

Does your patient need
an urgent referral?

Call Gita Singh at ESORAMP
416 340 3383

Learn more about ESORAMP

Learn More

More information the ESORAMP referral process

Learn More
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